2017 4×4 Trips by Halfway Toyota

2017 4×4 Trips by Halfway Toyota

Gerald O’Brien

We have had a few great trips this year, been to some interesting places and had fantastic sightings in the game reserves. Botswana was very dry but the game viewing was pretty good none the less. They having been having good rains up there now and the bush recovers very quickly so it should be looking good next year. The Savuti Channel was still dry but who knows, the effects of La Nina may spring a few surprises for us. Zimbabwe is a fantastic country but they are still going through troubled times and I would rather not risk going there until it’s sorted out.

Our July trip to Lesotho turned out to be quite an experience, lots of deep snow and we landed up by being snowed in for 9 days. We will be back looking for the snow again next year, perhaps not quite so much of it though.

Namibia did not happen this year, the response was a bit slow and bookings need to be made early on if we don’t want to lose the dates. If you want to go on the 2017 trip let me know early on so that I can secure the dates early on.

The Kgalagadi was a great trip and I have planned another one for the new -year which will differ slightly from this years as we want to make it a trailer friendly trip. I have already booked and paid for the best pan in the area, the Mabuasehube pan, for 4 nights.

The Baviaanskloof is probably one of South Africa’s lesser visited reserves yet it’s an awesome place to visit,

With just so much to see. We will be doing it again this year.

I am also trying to secure bookings at present for the Luiwa plains and Kasanke parks in Zambia for November. Luiwa plains has the Wildebeest migration and Kasanke the 10 million Straw bat migration. Both in November.

Below you will find a list of exciting 4×4 trips that we’ll be doing this year, and there should be something for everyone. When browsing through the trips info, you will notice that with the Lesotho trips, some are camping and the others are for lodging. You will also note that I have for logistical reasons split some of the trips for either Gauteng, KZN or Honeydew. This is to lessen the drive time and long distances involved when entering Lesotho from different sides. You are naturally free to join in on any trip which you choose to but you will be in for a longer ride and quite possibly an extra day away from home. The Lesotho trips during the winter months have been specifically chosen during the winter to hopefully experience the Mountain Kingdom with snow covered peaks and frozen rivers. This does not always happen though as the snow falls are irregular and quite often un-predictable, but if we get it right, Lesotho under snow is truly a winter wonderland with sights not to be missed out on. The summer months are equally as exciting where the bird and plant life are most favourable and simply quite stunning in warm to hot conditions.

You need not be an experienced 4x4er at 4×4 trips or camping, these trip are suitable for everyone and we are here to help with preparation’s and advice where ever possible.

I have a write up on each trip with the pricing, so should you wish for additional info, please contact me for the details.

Should you wish to book on a trip, Contact Gerald O’Brien and if it’s marked 4 Ways, contact Ryan Otto.

Gerald O’Brien.     Cell: 082 8746138.   Land line (B) 039 978 7500.   E mail. gerald@halfway.ws

Ryan Otto cell: 073 845 2003 Land line (B) 011 317 8888 E Mail.   offroad@halfway4ways.co.za

                                                                Trip Schedule for 2017


17th – 20th                           Lesotho, Sehlabatheba, Matabeng Pass, Sani pass                           Camping


18th – 21st                     Lesotho, Semonkong, Katse Dam, Mokhotlong, Sani Pass     4ways              “


14th – 17th                                                         Khubelu River                                                                Camping

28th – 1st May                                          Lesotho, Semonkong                     Honeydew                  Lodge


11th – 17th                                                             Baviaanskloof                                                   Chalet or Camping

26th – 29th                                               Mozambique, Malongane                 4 Ways                       Camping


16th – 19th                                                 Lesotho, Semonkong                   Scottburgh                         Lodge


14th – 17th                                                   Lesotho, Semonkong                   4 Ways                              Lodge

28th – 21st                                                   Lesotho, Semonkong                 4 Ways                               Lodge


25th – 4th September                                         Kgalagadi                               4 Ways                          Camping


10th – 25th                                     Botswana. Magadigadi, Moremi, Chobe                                       Camping


1st – 14th                                        Botswana. Magadigadi, Moremi, Chobe     4 Ways                       Camping

23rd – 5th November                                       Kgalagadi                                                                             Camping


20th – 30th                   Zambia Luiwa plains Wildebeest migration. Kasanke Bat migration          Camping


16th – 31st                                                           Namibia                                                                              Camping