Halfway Accredited Driver Training

Halfway Accredited Driver Training

Halfway Accredited Driver Training

Unit Standard no’s 254135& 254154

Applying the techniques for operating a four wheel drive vehicle in on-and off road conditions:


The Halfway Toyota Dealerships, who specialise in the 4×4 market, have identified the need for 4×4 training, be it the single day introductory courses or the more advanced two day Accredited courses. Learning to drive one’s 4 wheel drive vehicle correctly ensures that one’s off-road excursion should be a safe and happy one for all concerned.

Halfway’s Accredited Driver Training program is a 4×4 Driver Training Program that is run strictly according to SAQA’s (South African Qualifications Authority) unit standard 254135. The unit standard and the accredited training program is a nationwide program controlled by TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority).

The Accredited Training is a two day course from 08h00 to 17h00 per day. Day one covers a morning theory session which is then followed by an afternoon of practical driving and recovery. Day two is a quick recap of day one followed by driver Assessment covering day one. Driver assessment includes a written test, structured interview and practical observation.

The unit standard has been put together by a “Group” of 4×4 roll players throughout the country and thereafter into a 4×4 Driver Training Course format set by SAQA.

There are a number of good reasons behind the Accredited Training Program, the main one being for all 4×4 off-road drivers making a worthwhile contribution towards the preservation of our planet Earth. Erosion, damage to wetlands, damage to the fauna and flora and the carbon footprint are all major concerns when it comes to the greenhouse effects that are currently being experienced throughout the world.

So how does a 4×4 Driver Training Course contribute to the wellbeing of our planet? By attending and completing the Unit Standard 254135 4×4 course, it will give the authorities the assurance that you as a 4×4 driver are a competent driver who has the necessary skills and expertise to drive a vehicle in off-road conditions causing a minimum amount of unnecessary and harmful damage to the environment. The course does not teach the driver about the environment and the consequences that may occur as a result of poor driving skills, the course rather concentrates on honing those off-road driving skills by ensuring that you, the driver, have a thorough understanding of your vehicle and how it should be correctly operated in off-road conditions.

During the course of 2014, legislation was due to be passed which would require any driver who wishes to drive their vehicle on a recognised 4×4 trail to first produce proof of their driver accreditation to the authorities before being allowed on to the trail. All in all, this would have been a worthwhile program that should have been undertaken by any driver of a 4×4 wishing to venture out into the wilds of South Africa. Sadly 2014 has come and gone with no site of the new legislation being passed in the near future.

As a responsible 4×4 driver, this however does not prevent one from participating in one of these courses, brushing up on one’s knowledge and probably learning a bit more at the same time.




For more information and course dates, contact:

Gauteng: Halfway Toyota Fourways – Ryan Otto 011 3178888 or offroad@halfway4ways.co.za

KZN: Halfway Toyota Park Rynie – Gerald O’Brien 039 9787500 or Cell: 082 8746138 or e-mail: gerald@halfway.ws