Halfway Toyota George Goes Green

Halfway Toyota George Goes Green

Halfway Toyota has set the bar exceptionally high with its new environmentally friendly Dealership in George, Southern Cape. The building, designed by local architect Sorina van Deventer (ARCXL Architects) and constructed by Marsilio Projects, incorporates state-of-the-art energy-saving technology provided by Renu Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and delivers a turnkey solution covering Solar Power, solar hot water, rain water harvesting and wash bay water recycling, and will provide off-grid renewable resources for the Dealership.

Over three hundred solar PV panels have been installed on the roof. These are connected to three Schneider Conext CL 25000VA 3-Phase Grid Tie Inverters providing 75 KW of power during daylight hours to supply the electrical needs of the Dealership. A monitoring system is installed that will provide remote real-time system performance, and a smart screen TV in the showroom and Service reception will display the system statistics to enable Customers visiting the Dealership to marvel at the energy savings being achieved by Halfway Toyota.

The electrical consumption of the building is further reduced through the installation of a 1000L solar water-heating system servicing the ablution and kitchen facilities. This green Dealership will not only boast a Solar PV and solar hot water system that will supply the majority of its electricity needs, but it will also have a rain water harvesting system that will store harvested rain water for bulk feed to the building, and irrigation of the landscaped gardens. Municipal backup has been included in the design to ensure continuity of water supply to the building.

Careful planning, together with the Halfway Toyota Group eco-friendly mission, will result in further water saving through the installation of a car-wash which recycles 90% of water used to wash vehicles. The environmentally friendly bio reactors clean and recycle the harvested water with a minimal water loss of only 5%.

“Renu is excited to have been chosen to partner with Halfway Toyota on this impressive project, and trusts that it will inspire more Dealerships to follow the Halfway example”, said Renu CEO Ed Selley.

The Halfway Toyota Group’s decision to go green is inspired by a long-term goal to make a meaningful contribution to the environment and invest in our future well-being. Halfway is taking the bull by the horns and beginning to make these targets materialise, one green Dealership at a time.